Custom sourcing & white labeling closet hardware

Over the years we have become expert sourcing specialists for closet hardware components. We can source parts from our own series of standard closet hardware products, or we can source any specialty hardware and closet components to meet your requirements based on your sizing and application needs. If you want to distribute closet hardware under your own private label, we can also customize packaging to meet your design specifications.

specialty hardware and closet hardware

Our process

Product Specification Phase:
  • We start by determining if your closet hardware needs can be fulfilled from our standard closet hardware product line-up.
  • If the hardware is not a standard item in our existing inventory, we send samples and specifications to our suppliers who may already have the component as a part of their standard offering.
  • In cases where a component is truly new and unique, an information package is built in collaboration with our customer and sent to our supplier network for quoting.
Sample Phase:
  • If customer samples exist, they are provided to all of our selected suppliers for evaluation. This accelerates the process.
  • If customer samples do not exist, our suppliers will provide samples of their comparable products so the customer can confirm manufacturing capabilities and finish quality.
  • In cases where special tooling is required, pre-production samples are provided for customer sign-off and acceptance.
Quality Control:
  • Comtrad’s rigorous supplier approval and audit process ensures that products are delivered on time and in compliance with customer specifications, local regulations and applicable quality standards.
  • Comtrad also works with respected global third-party inspection agencies including Intertek for further compliance verification where required by our customers or local regulators.
  • Inventory availability and delivery flexibility are key to the success of most custom metal working projects.
  • Comtrad works with customers to establish and maintain strict delivery timelines.  Whether the requirement is for direct shipment or stocking programs, single purchase or inventory replenishment based on just-in-time forecasts, Comtrad can handle it all, and takes the risk out of overseas sourcing in the process. 


We can source any closet hardware component for you. Speak to our experts about your particular needs.

Fabrication & warehousing capabilities

Our fabrication and warehousing capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Private label packaging
  • Closet rod finishing
  • Assembling
  • Warehousing

Items custom sourced and fabricated

We can custom source almost any closet hardware components, including:

  • Drawer slides
  • Closet rods
  • Valets
  • Standards and brackets
  • Wire baskets
  • Jewelry trays
  • Specialty hardware
  • And much more

Notable projects

From a Few Door Handles to Their Own Range of Custom Closet Products

We started working with this client over 20 years ago, sourcing small quantities of decorative door handles for them. Today they are one of North America’s leading custom closet manufacturers. They design and manufacture high-end walk-in closet solutions as well as Ready-To-Assemble (RTA) closet units for many of the largest “big box” retailers.

Result: We started by sourcing small orders for the client. Over the years we have grown together and today we are one of their largest suppliers. We currently source numerous items for them across a wide spectrum of disciplines – hardware, convenience items, glass and custom components.  We also manage their inventory against projections and supply them with product as their demand requires. They value our full-service approach and rely on us to manage a critical component of their supply chain requirements while they focus on what they do best –  manufacturing and distributing an excellent quality product for their customer.