Sourcing quality décor paper that is on par with the best

When it comes to décor paper, we work with a network of well-respected suppliers who operate on the mainland and in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) of China offering design, cylinder manufacture and décor paper production services. Our suppliers have access to cutting edge cylinder manufacturing technologies, world-class design services, and premium quality materials at competitive prices from Japan and Europe. These suppliers are known for delivering high-reliability solid color, low-basis weight papers, as well as high fidelity, wrappable, 3D and 4D textured papers that offer European design and quality at affordable prices, all available with matching edge banding. They offer a wide range of stock papers and are equally comfortable producing customer-specified patterns of their own design. Quality is assured through their own in-house laboratory as well as third-party test labs and the customer’s own independent testing against industry standards (e.g. KCMA).

decor paper

Our process

Product Specification Phase:
  • Customer either selects an existing paper and pattern from our own catalogue, or provides a sample, image or specification of the paper they require.
  • Our team works with the customer to understand production and performance requirements, such as end product usage, durability requirement, price point and aesthetics (i.e. gloss level, pattern fidelity, haptic requirements).
  • For color / pattern matching and durability testing, we provide the customer with pricing and samples for their internal evaluation.
Pre-Production Phase:
  • Although this process is often iterative, quotes can be provided within 1-2 days after definition of requirements, and sample rolls can be provided within 1-2 weeks if not in stock.
Quality Control:
  • In cases where the customer has their own in-house test standards, these will be strictly adhered to, with pre-production sample rolls submitted for independent compliance evaluation by third-party test labs as well as the customer’s own in-house lab where they exist.
  • In cases where there is no pre-existing performance requirement, we work with our customer to establish the correct quality and performance level for the application, and our manufacturer certifies their product to this standard.
  • Where required, Comtrad’s own quality personnel can monitor production and testing during pilot production or on an on-going basis.
  • Comtrad manages both direct shipment and stocking programs for our décor paper customers.
  • Talk to us about your requirement and we will help you choose the delivery option that’s right for you and your customer.


We can source any type of décor paper for you. Speak to our experts about your particular needs.

Fabrication capabilities

Our services go beyond sourcing to include:

  • Design
  • Testing and Certification
  • Logistics
  • Financing
  • Stocking
  • Warehousing
  • Drop shipping

Items custom sourced and fabricated

We offer a full range of décor papers.  Some examples include:

  • Finish/Pattern/Visual and Haptic Effects:
    • 2D – visual pattern image, smooth surface profile
    • 3D – visual pattern image, varying surface profile that may not exactly match pattern image
    • 4D – visual pattern image, varying surface profile that exactly matches pattern image
  • Sample replica materials include:
    • Wood
    • Metal
    • Stone
    • Concrete
  • Performance:
    • Low VOC, water-based topcoat (Prop 65 compliant, “green” products)
    • Basis weights ranging from 30gm to 80gm
    • Profile wrappable
    • Water, scratch and abrasion resistance tailored to your requirements

Notable projects

Chinese Décor Paper Producer Meets European, Japanese & US Quality Standards At Discounted Prices

A large furniture customer, for whom we have been sourcing furniture components for years, was looking for a more economical, yet equal in quality, alternative to their European and Japanese décor paper suppliers. Décor paper is a technically complicated product and quality issues can be very expensive.   Traditionally, the market has been dominated by German, Japanese and American companies, but advances in technology and price sensitivity has made sourcing from China an option that our customer asked us to investigate. They wanted us to address their concerns about the pricing, production capabilities and quality control procedures.

Result: We helped our supplier to build a state-of-the-art testing laboratory to bring their décor paper specifications in line with Japanese/German standards. Their décor paper quality now meets or exceeds our customers’ toughest performance standards, and they have proven themselves to be a flexible, reliable source for world-class décor paper.