CGS Aluminum Brushed Anodized Finish T-Bar

142-204 Alu.T-Bar Pull,L50mm

Code Description Units Brands Finish Function Sizes Available Style
142-204 142-204 Alu.T-Bar Pull,L50mm Ea CGS Aluminum Brushed Anodized Knob 50mm T Bar

Decorative Hardware

Comtrad offers a small collection of in-stock decorative pulls and knobs that are high-quality and offer mainstream clean designs at affordable prices to suit a variety of project types.
In addition to our standard decorative hardware, Comtrad sources hundreds of unique pulls and knobs in a variety of materials from wood and plastic to cast metal, stainless steel and aluminum.
In many cases, we offer blanket order and special stocking programs for customers that require a specific pull design, function or material in their decorative hardware order.
Whether your project requires clean, contemporary lines, or a more decorative, ornate accent, Comtrad can assist you in finding exactly the decorative hardware solution you need.