Wood Drawer vs. Metal Drawer: Which Is Right For Your Customers?

Choosing the right materials for a product begins with understanding your customer base. Cabinet manufacturers usually think about how customers will interact with their cabinets in order to decide the best design for them. In the case of a drawer system, here are some things to consider in order to make a good decision about wood vs metal drawer systems:

  • Does the customer use the product at work or home?
  • Is the product located in a prominent visual location?
  • What will be kept inside the drawers, and how heavy is that load?
  • Are there noise restrictions on the use of the drawers?
  • What other furniture pieces might these drawers need to match?

In many ways, functionality increases in proportion to the number of drawers in a space. While tall, deep drawers are definitely beneficial to store certain bulkier items, having several smaller drawers allows users to store a greater number of smaller items in a more organized fashion. Regardless of the configuration, the biggest factor in a product’s functionality will be quality. Drawers must slide open and shut easily and smoothly, without undue struggle at the hands of the user.

Choosing the right materials

The two most popular material categories for drawer systems are metal and wood. Within each of these groups, of course, are a multitude of finishes and features to choose from. But in our experience, cabinet manufacturers first choose the materials category, and then begin to narrow down the details. Both metal and wood have their pros and cons, and the choice between the two often comes down to design aesthetic and use factors.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at the two materials categories to help you decide whether metal or wood is right.

Wood drawers

Wood drawers are the traditional option, and are preferred by many cabinet manufacturers. Options like dovetailing corners and tongue-and-groove details provide wood drawers with an elegant and timeless visual appeal. When choosing a wooden drawer system, we advise against drawers that are made from particle board, as they don’t offer real added value other than increasing cost efficiency.

Choose a wooden drawer system that offers the following features:

  • Solid wood boxes
  • Dovetail or tongue-in-groove details
  • Durable tracks; adhering to well-known quality standards
  • Soft-close, push-to-open or cushion-close technology
  • Reliable drawer slides that use steel ball bearings
  • Smooth and silent operation

Comtrad offers a wide selection of wooden drawers to suit a number of different project needs. Our products are made from several different woods including birch and poplar, and UV coated drawer materials. We also carry an extensive selection of drawer slide products.

Metal drawers

Metal drawers are a fantastic option to speed-up production. They  offer more on-site adjustment capacities and can accommodate different organizational elements. In a more contemporary European design scheme, metal drawers also offer a visual look that is in alignment with the aesthetic.

When sourcing a metal drawer, you’ll want to ensure the following features:

  • Durable tracks; adhering to well-known quality standards
  • Double-wall technology, including concealed running system
  • Soft close, push-to-open or cushion-close technology
  • Reliable drawer slides that use steel ball bearings
  • Smooth and quiet operation

Comtrad’s CGS offers metal drawers that have been designed for ease of construction and durability, while remaining cost effective. Developed over the last 40 years, CGS products have established a reputation for their durability; ease of use, and visual appeal while always respecting the required industry quality standards.

Comtrad: Quality drawers you can trust

Whether your project would best suit a particle board, wood or metal drawer option, Comtrad can partner with you to find exactly what you need. If our extensive catalogue doesn’t currently offer the item you’re looking for, our custom sourcing service can facilitate the import or manufacturing of precisely the right drawer to suit your needs under YOUR specifications.

For 40 years, our clients have trusted us to deliver cost effective, high quality hardware products, while easing their logistical and delivery concerns. All of our slide systems, wood and metal drawer products are backed by our ongoing commitment to quality.

To learn more about Comtrad’s selection, contact our team today.